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About our Remote Support Services

We use two methods to provide live online computer support thru your existing high speed internet connection. One is used for our monthly ultra care plan members and the other (explained below) is used for all our other clients.

Our customized remote support software is available to any Windows based PC with an active internet access. With a few simple clicks customers can let our PC technicians see their screens and control mouse/keyboard. Allowing the techs to fix almost all software issues and perform virus removal and tune-up services.

Once our techs end the remote support session our software will uninstall itself only leaving a shortcut in IE for easier re-connection. After PC support is finished, the customer always needs to allow us into their PCs by starting a new session.

Our remote support services are safe since in reality the only data being sent to us is pictures of your screen. Thats right, all we are getting is a picture of your screen. Your data or files are not being sent thru the internet. The only information is pictures with keystrokes/mouse clicks.

Remember customer is always in control in that they can disconnect at anytime and needs to be present to start remote support session.