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All MS Windows users are asked to update Internet Explorer to fix security flaw

By pcULTRAcare.com


Microsoft released an urgent security update to IE (all versions) to patch a serious flaw that is being used to easily infect PC with or without virus protection.  Malicious code can be executed by just visiting infected website.  The number of infected websites is currently growing leaving anyone without the patch in serious danger.


** Email message from Microsoft:

Download urgent security update for Internet Explorer

Today Microsoft released an urgent security update for Windows Internet Explorer. Because the flaw may expose computers to remote code execution, the severity rating for this security update is critical.

From the moment we learned of the issue, Microsoft has been working around the clock to respond to this situation and provide a security update that helps protect our customers.

If you have turned on Automatic Updates, your computer will install the security update automatically. If you don't use Automatic Updates, go to http://co1piltwb.partners.extranet.microsoft.com/mcoeredir/mcoeredirect.aspx?linkId=11061264&s1=a98f4484-6a03-e42e-7217-9da79b9d6f20. This update might cause your computer to restart.

For more information on this update, see the bulletin summary. For more information on how to protect your PC, visit the Microsoft Security At Home site.

If you are unable to run windows updates please get assistance if resolving any issues that keep you from updating.  We can help you fix software related issues like failed Windows Updates, you can order online PC assistance here.

Date Created: 2008-12-17