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$80 Online Virus Removal
Complete online virus removal service performed by a professional PC technician. We offer a 100% Guarantee on our On Line Virus Removal Service.

100% Virus Removal Service

$80 Complete Online Virus Removal Service
We can remove all virus, spyware, trojan and rootkit infections from your PC.

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Common Virus/Spyware/Rootkit infections:

Have you noticed a new program(s) in your start menu or on your desktop, maybe a new background image or a new error message? Your computer may have become infected lately, just like thousands of computer are every day. Infections can be brought by email, instant messaging or just surfing on the web.

On this page we will list some of the most common computer virus infections that we come accross when cleaning client computers. We will also try to have a list of infected files and exe's as well.