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About Us...

We at PC Aid have been providing personal & professional pc support services to Orange County, California for over 6 years. We provide local computer support to home clients and small businesses. Our name has spread thru word of mouth from our loyal customers.

PC Aid is a licensed for computer repairs thru the Bureau of Electronic and Appliance Repair in the State of California (License# E-80628).

We started pcULTRAcare.com due to a lack of real managed support to small businesses or SOHO (small office/home office) sector. We are usually called in after the damage is done; either due to a virus, non-maintenance or hard drive crashes. Many times we are able to disinfect systems or recover data from dying hard drives, but sometimes it is just an impossible mission. A small business owner wants/needs their information and computer to be operational right away but severe damage and infections will keep a computer in shop for days if not weeks.

What we see is that many small businesses do not have adequate virus protection, windows security updates or even a viable backup solution. We know most of this is due to time constraints and being too busy to worry about unseen problems. But never under estimate the cost that can occur when a PC is in need of repair.
So we are offering our services to keep your machine infection free, updated, secured, monitored and properly backed up. Then we offer remote/phone support for your other everyday computer support needs (like printer problems or software error messages). These services are meant to keep your important business computer safe & performing at its peak.

Our Mission.

Our main mission is to provide honest online computer support and if possible provide simple and affordable rates/fees.

Our most popular services and products.

Currently our most popular service by far is our on-line virus, trojan, adware, rootkit and spyware removal service. Which we are proud of since we provide superior virus removal (takes us 2-5 hours) and we provide that with such a low flat rate cost, currently only $80. Let's not forget that we guarantee our virus removal for 7 days as well with a no fix/no pay so our new customers can order our services with confidence.