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nationwide online virus removal service
$80 Online Virus Removal
Complete online virus removal service performed by a professional PC technician. We offer a 100% Guarantee on our On Line Virus Removal Service.

Online Virus Removal Services (Remote/Online Support)

By far our most popular online service. We actually clean your PC and charge a very low flat fee, with this unbeatable combination you can't go wrong. Visit our Virus Removal Page to find current details and price. We have been so successful removing virus, spyware, trojan & rootkit infections from Windows based computers that we even offer a 7-day guarantee (we will remove all live virus/spyware/trojan infections).

Our new Virus Removal Service Plans will provide for unlimited online virus removal support sessions for the selected plan length (3 month minimum) for the same cost as having two standard virus removal services.

For either service, don't wait, have us remove your computer infections today for a very low flat fee or new monthly plans. We can help as long as you can still visit websites (if you wait too long virus infections will usually end up breaking your internet and then you will need to follow a few more steps to allow us to help you).
**Update: New infections are getting aggressive in their attacks, if you are unable to surf the web, check to see if you can still receive emails so that we can email you tools to repair web access. We can also have customer download tools to a usb/flash drive, CD or DVD using a different PC. It might take a few more minutes to get started but once in your infected computer, we will be able to clean it completely.

We will be able to support our monthly plan members better since we will have most needed tool on client PC in order to remove future infections.

Managed PC Care for Home & Small Business. ([limited number currently available])

As a small business (now even home users) we all need to have our data & computers running smoothly, or a large amount of time and money is wasted away. A small business does not have the luxury that large corporations have, our time and resources are very limited. Big business can afford to have managed pc support and almost all do (either third party or thru their IT department). Yet thousands of small businesses and small home offices are run without any managed pc support, they simply rely on fixing the problem AFTER it occurs. This is where we come in by being pro-active on security, performance and 10GB of secure remote online data backups with low small business friendly monthly fees (available in 3 month, 6 month and 1 year plans).

Well we hope to level the playing field with big business by providing affordable managed small business PC support services to everyone who sees the high value of their computers & their proprietary data.

By providing security, updates, and remote online data protection we can prevent most cases of lost productivity or even worse; the loss of irreplaceable information and data. Imagine losing all data on your PC, how long will your business survive with such a burden? Is it worth while to continue? What is the cost associated with recovering your precious data?

We are not selling an automated program that claims to keep your computer healthy, we have all been failed by those miracle-in-a-box programs. No, we are providing our members with experts that will perform tune-ups and security updates every three months. Our technicians will always be based in the United States so you can be sure that communication will be easier and more productive.

Our monthly managed plans will include the following PC services...

Virus protection Review & Virus/Rootkit Scans...

Your first line of defense is to have high quality antivirus protection. This single item can help your computer from being easily infected by Viruses, Worms, Spyware or Rootkits. It has to be able to scan fast and accurately without slowing your computer down (it is a computer used for business after all).
We can provide a free antivirus solution provided by Microsoft if needed. We will also monitor your antivirus logs for any infections found and alert end user of possible issues during an incident or thru the three month tune-up session.

Remote/Phone Computer Support...

We are able to provide your everyday online PC support services thru the internet in a safe & efficient manner. Phone support is included (up to service calls included on selected plan), we can quickly log into your computer and see the exact error message that you are receiving. We can troubleshoot printer problems, application problems and even clean up virus/spyware/rootkit infections.
Online computer service reduces cost, easier to schedule and is environmentally friendly. Remote support services are available thru our monthly ultra care plans or as an individual a la carte service.

Windows Security Updates...

Microsoft releases security updates for windows on a weekly/monthly schedule. These updates are important to patch serious security risks that can be found in Windows and its components. It is important to have your computer updated so that your PC is not vulnerable to new virus or worm attacks. We will perform a complete tune-up including secutiry updates every three months.

Remote Data Backups...

Your data is the most valuable part of your computer. Quick restoration of data can mean life or death to your small business. We will setup a secure online backup solution customized for your backup needs. (premium online backup software is included with monthly plans, for local backups you can purchase thru us or any other retailer, we will help you set it up and monitor it during tune-up sheduled service).