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Secure Remote Backups

A superior backup solution must include the following:

  • Automated Schedules
  • Secure Data - encryption usage
  • Offsite Data Storage
  • Status Updates - logged errors message system

The problem with most business computers is that important data is not backed up properly. Small businesses just wait for the inevitable loss of data and/or production time. Paying very high fees to get back to operational status while loosing productivity in the process.
For your current business, think of the time (and wages) that would be needed to recreate all your valuable contact lists, spreadsheets, financial books, emails, pictures and documents.

Our monthly pc plans include a secure and managed remote backup solution for small businesses and home users with important data. 10GB of remote data storage is provided by default, you can always purchase more space as required. Data is encrypted using AES-256 encryption and sent out to secured servers, your valuable data is always kept encrypted (during backup, transmission and storage). Report logs will be sent to our techs so that we can notify you and fix any backup issues.
Also included with our monthly plans is remote backup program installation, customized backup job scheduling and log monitoring. We will work with you to customize your backup schedule and hand select the data that your business needs to backup.

Remote backups are a great addition to any local backups that you may have in that it is safely stored away from your location (In case of theft or catastrophic hardware loss). Your backups will be available 24 hours a day, ready for you to restore your data. Data is replicated (copied) to three distict servers, each server being in an independent zone with seperate power and network connectivity.