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nationwide online virus removal service
$80 Online Virus Removal
Complete online virus removal service performed by a professional PC technician. We offer a 100% Guarantee on our On Line Virus Removal Service.

FAQ (Online PC Support Services):

  1. My computer does not finish loading Windows, can you still help?
    If you are still able to load Windows in Safe Mode and surf the web, we can most likely still help you by remote support. We can of course help you out by phone support as well.
  2. What are the steps to order online remote support service?
    1. Order 1/2 hour remote support or 1 hour remote support thru our secure online store. In comment section you can tell us your availability and preference as to when to have your service performed.
    2. Within a few hours we will email & call you with current availability schedule.
    3. Schedule service.
    4. Tech will walk you thru starting support session (a few clicks).
    5. Our techs will help you thru phone and/or online sessions with your PC issues.