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Wipe your data and perform a restore: A Fix All.

It seems that most big computer support techs just want to restore to factory condition in order to fix any little problem. The reason is that they need to make money and the easiest way is not to even try and fix your problem but to just reload windows and start over. Of course that does work in removing most software issues, but what does it do to a small business or home office.

Well it throws the customer into caos since programs need to be reinstalled, customized and data needs to be restored. All this work created from the "simple" fix that tech support provided. We get calls of people loosing their settings, data and programs because they did not understand the consequences of following tech support instructions.

We won't even go into the language barrier that can occur when off-shore tech support is used. Let's just say that adding a foreign language barrier to maybe a technology language barrier is not a good idea.