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Computers will be infected to try and steal information and account passwords

We have all seen the past spyware infections that have spread through the computer world for years, they slow your computer down and annoy you with constant ads. Business productivity was lost due to lower performance or loss of internet access. Recently a trend of virus infections trying to stay hidden have made them much more dangerous.

In today's world this has changed where the thieves do not want to be discovered, the money is no longer in the ads but in stealing personal information & online bank account info. Stolen information and identities are then sold in underground markets or used to steal money. Computers used for Personal and/or Business use must be kept secure and scanned for infiltrations frequently.

Our monthly pc plans include free removal of all live virus, worms, spyware, malware, trojan and rootkits infections. The most dangerous situation is using your computer while it is infected (the culprits can easily log all your keystrokes and look for username/passwords to your personal online accounts).

From Symantec Research, as shown in recent article by Techworld:
"Stolen bank account numbers are commanding the highest price in an underground trade of personal details stolen by hackers. That's according to a survey from security vendor Symantec, which found that bank account details command prices of up to US$400, while credit card details sell for between $0.50 and $5, email passwords from $1 to $350 each, and email addresses from $2 to $4 per megabyte."